School Nursing


School nurses are now delivering a new programme that will be proactive in supporting the families of children who are considered overweight or obese.


The ‘Cool Beans’ programme will involve making contact with parents once their child has been weighed, measured and assessed as potentially overweight or obese as part of National Child Measurement Programme.


You will receive letter informing you of your child’s measurements. Please contact your school nurse if you wish to take part in the programme, and then your school nurse will discuss the measurements, and any potential health issues or risks associated with being overweight or obese. You will also be given the opportunity and support to make healthy changes.


In addition to providing advice on healthy eating plans for the children, school nurses want to ensure that parents are also being supported. In addition to the one-on-one sessions, school nurses can also refer parents to Weight Watchers as part of Making Every Contact Count (MECC), an initiative that encourages conversations based on behavioural change and empowering healthy lifestyle choices.

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