School Health Team


Each referral is triaged to establish need and then allocated to the most appropriate member of the team. Support is offered during either a telephone consultation, an appointment at a health and well-being clinic or in school.


There are a wide range of services that school nurses can offer, including:

  • Continence– night time/ bed wetting. This effects many children and the school nurse service offers support and management plans according to individual need which is assessed and reviewed regularly.
  • Healthy eating– The school nurse service delivers the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) and offers an individual package of care to children and young people who require advice and support  in weight management .
  • Parenting/behaviour – The school nurse service provides support to parents and young people who have concerns with managing behaviour. It aims to provide different strategies and techniques to promote positive parenting styles based on the Solihull Parenting Programme.
  • Emotional health and well-being – The school nursing service offers a wide range of care packages to support children, young people, parents and families support with managing emotions.

We can also signpost/refer to other agencies where more appropriate, depending on need.

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