Bumps and Beyond

How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

A. The information below shows you how much weight you should gain depending on your BMI:


<18.4 = (12-18 kgs)

18.5-24.9 = (11-15 kgs)

25-29.9 = (6-11 kgs)

30+ = (5-9 kgs)

What if I am having twins?

A. Your weight gain in pregnancy should be a little more if you are having twins.


<18.4 = Talk to your doctor

18.5-24.9 = (16-24 kgs)

25-29.9 = (14-22 kgs)

30+ = (11-19kgs)

What is the extra weight in pregnancy made up of?

A. There are several different things that contribute to the weight you put on when you are pregnant:

  • your baby
  • the placenta
  • the amniotic fluid (the water surrounding your baby)
  • your growing breasts
  • the increased blood you need
  • extra fat stores
  • normal fluid retention

Changes in your body during pregnancy, such as extra fat and increased blood volume, are important for the health of your baby and the pregnancy. Pregnancy is NOT the time for dieting.

What should I do if I am worried about my weight gain?

A. You can speak to your midwife who can put you in touch with the relevant staff for advice and support.

Did you know?

  • You do not need to have any more calories when you are pregnant until you are 28 weeks and then you only need 200 extra per day. This is equivalent to a pot of yoghurt and a banana for example
  • Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! You should eat a healthy breakfast within two hours of waking as it ‘kick starts’ your metabolism
  • If you swap two chocolate biscuits to one banana you save 90 kcals
  • A portion of chips to a jacket potato saves you 370 kcals
  • Snacking on one packet of crisps a day can add up to drinking almost five litres of cooking oil a year

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