School Nursing


As part of the Healthy Child Programme, school nurses have opportunities to identify children with/ or at risk of behavioural problems and to support both children and parents in managing this.

All children test the limits set by parents and carers at different points in their childhood, this is a normal part of growing up. Children and young people often push the boundaries set by adults in order to get what they want, and as a way of asserting their independence.

Children and young people sometimes display challenging behaviour because of how they are feeling. They may not always want to talk about or understand these emotions, sometimes these feelings are then reflected in the way they behave towards others.

Children’s behaviour can change if they are feeling sad, feeling powerless, seeking attention, they are trying to get back at someone (revenge), or it may just be a part of their normal development.

Parents can find it difficult to manage their children’s behaviour and don’t always know what to do for the best.  Getting children and adults to talk and understand each other can help, but sometimes parents need help too. School nurses can signpost parents to parenting programmes which can be helpful in understanding children’s behaviour.

For those children who have complex needs, further advice and support can be sought from a community paediatrician (a doctor who has a specialist interest in children’s health).

The school nurse, GP and the school can work together to ensure your child is referred to the most appropriate service.


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