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School nursing services have been developed around the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme.

Our Slough school nursing team are dedicated to providing early intervention support for the physical health and emotional wellbeing of all school aged children who live or attend school in Slough*.

The Slough public health team of, Specialist Community Public Health Nurses (SCPHN) health visitors and school nurses work together to provide support for the community, families and children. When a child starts school the health visiting team will transition care to the school nursing team. The school nursing team consists of SCPHN school nurses, staff nurses, nursery nurses and healthcare assistants who will deliver different aspects of care.

The universal service is offered to every school aged child in the county, comprising of  5 health reviews which will be carried out at school. These health reviews are designed to support the development of; community, individual and national health initiatives.

Individual packages of care can be accessed through; a student drop-in or referral service at secondary schools, parent or teacher referral at primary school or health and well-being clinics in the community.

Care needs are considered on an individual basis and the best support for the child or young person will be decided by the SCPHN school nurse, this might involve signposting or referral to services from local partner agencies.

* Children and young people who attend school in another locality may be referred to the local school nursing team for community and individual support.


All website information has been sourced from reliable and trusted sources. We use evidence based health information in line with NHS standards, including NICE guidelines.  We aim to keep the information relevant, up to date and accessible to parents, young people and professionals.


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