Maternal Mental Health


A health visitor is a qualified public health nurse who works with families with pre-school children in the community. Their role is to support families by promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing ill health.

All families have an allocated named health visitor who will usually meet you in the antenatal period.


Your health visitor can offer support with low mood and depression by:

  • Offering a series of listening visits, this may include specific self-help measures
  • Referral to supportive agencies to help you to access activities which would benefit both you and your baby
  • Offering strategies to help you bond with your baby, such as baby massage tuition
  • Offering reassurance and practical ideas to care for your baby/child’s physical needs
  • Providing support and signposting to address other challenging aspects of life which may add to the cause of your depression, for example financial difficulties
  • Acting as a lead professional in partnership with yourself, in order to bring other workers who may be involved in your care together, to co-ordinate a plan which will produce the best outcomes for you, your baby/child and your family
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