Maternal Mental Health


Supporting your partner with postnatal depression.

  • Living with a partner suffering from postnatal depression can be very challenging. Understanding more about the condition will help you cope and understand that it is not anyone’s fault, it is very common and it will get better with the right help and support.
  • Ensure your partner is well supported and has help from yourself, family and friends to ease the pressure. This can be help with housework, shopping or caring for the baby if she needs some time to herself. Some new mothers prefer not to be separated from their baby at all. Talk to your partner about the best support for her. Everyone is different.
  • Ensure your partner receives professional support and help. Talk to your health visitor if you are concerned. Seek advice from your GP. There are many agencies and people who can support you both.
  • Ensure your partner is able to meet her own needs effectively, that she eats a healthy diet, gets enough rest, is able to enjoy hobbies or interests as much as possible.
  • When she is ready encourage her to visit the local children’s centre to meet with other mothers with young babies. They may even have groups for mothers who are feeling low and can support each other. This reduces isolation and can support recovery.


Other organisations and sources of help and information


National Childbirth Trust

Pandas Foundation

Helpline: 08432898401

Your Health Visitor/GP

Babies Aloud DVD, available on Amazon. Marce Society. Focuses on Fathers and Post natal depression.


Fatherhood Institute

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