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  • Always offer the same food as the other family members and peers wherever possible. It is important not to offer alternative meals, snacks, pudding or favourite drinks (such as milkshakes) if the meal is refused as this can be seen as rewarding your child for poor feeding behaviour
  • Give clear instructions about what to eat and follow through any consequences you set, for example, your child can have a favourite pudding only if the agreed amount of the main meal has been eaten
  • Start by offering food you know your child will eat and gradually increase the variety
  • Ensure meals look attractive and the plate is not piled too high with food as this may put your child off
  • Allow your child to get messy and explore different foods
  • Don’t try to trick your child, or force feed them, they need to trust you
  • Ignore bad behaviour such as throwing food
  • Offer small, regular meals and limit the time taken to about 20 minutes, clear away any uneaten food at the end of this time without commenting on it
  • Do not give your child too many drinks or snacks as this can fill them up, offer drinks after they have eaten some food rather than directly before mealtimes


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