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Having a new brother or sister can be an exciting but challenging time. Our advice below aims to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Before the birth

Make sure that other children in the home are included in conversations about the new baby. Let them feel the baby move, talk to the baby and perhaps help choose a name for the baby. They can also help choose clothes and items for the baby in preparation for the birth.

Some children attend the midwife appointments with their mother and are able to hear the baby’s heartbeat.


After the birth
  • Encourage them to attend the hospital and bring a toy for the baby
  • Give them a gift when the baby is born
  • Include them in caring for the baby (fetching a nappy, holding the baby with support)

All of these things should aid a smoother transition in to the home of the new member.

Importantly, it’s a wonderful time and an experience that is very special, so enjoy it as a family supporting each other, however you need to do it.

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