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Please see below our list of helpful tips on adjusting to being a parent;

  • Be flexible – do not set yourself up to fail with rigid plans
  • Take care of yourselves, ensure you eat well, rest as much as possible and sleep when your baby sleeps if necessary
  • Have confidence in your decisions
  • Communicate with each other, allow family and friends to help if they offer
  • Ask if you need help, it is fine to ask for help
  • The housework will wait, especially if you are exhausted
  • Speak with like-minded parents
  • Take time out for some personal time
  • Join the local children’s centre, playgroup – go out and meet others. Take someone with you if you do not feel confident going alone
  • Remember, no matter how tough things seem, it will not last long. As you and your baby get to know and understand each other, you will start to feel more confident and less anxious
  • See visitors when you want to. If you are tired, say so and ask them to come back another time
  • Keep water and milk handy, along with some food you can eat without cooking, like fruit and wholemeal bread


For further information on being a parent, visit NHS Choices

The NSPCC also has lots of great information, including ‘need to know’ guides. This one is all about keeping your baby safe, early days of parenthood, coping with crying and useful helplines – click on the link to view Handle with care guide

If you are worried about your own or baby’s health, always ask your midwife, health visitor or GP for help and advice – they are there to help you.

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