Why use a wrap/sling?
  • Increases lactation by increasing the release of hormones essential for good milk supply
  • Can be used from birth to 3-4 years
  • Have a variety of carrying positions
  • Allows breastfeeding whilst carrying the baby
  • Brings your baby to the centre of activity
  • Suitable for every carer and body shape
  • Encourages happy, settled babies as they feel safe and secure
  • Reduces crying in infants
  • Helps settle colicky babies


Do check the following before use:
  • Manufacturers’ instructions
  • Check on correct positioning
  • Check with a health professional if your baby is premature, low birth weight, has respiratory difficulties or multiple birth.
  • Light and compact making it ideal for travelling
  • Quick and easy to put on!


Where can I hire a sling from?


Safe baby wearing

The TICKS rule for safe baby wearing:


In view at all times

Close enough to kiss

Keep chin off chest

Supported back

For more information on TICKS, please click here

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