When can I have skin to skin with my baby?

You can have skin to skin with your baby immediately after birth if you wish (as long as your baby does not need any medical attention).

It is recommended that you have skin to skin for at least one hour after your baby is born but you can keep this going for as long as you wish to or until your baby has fed.

Remember you can then enjoy skin to skin at any time with your baby throughout your breastfeeding experience and beyond. This can be especially useful to help boost your milk supply or just to bond with your baby.


What are the benefits of skin to skin?
  • Keeps your baby warm
  • Calms you and your baby
  • Regulates your baby’s heart rate and breathing
  • Helps your baby build up immunity (to fight off infections)
  • Helps with the first breastfeed
  • Releases hormones which helps to produce colostrum (first milk)
  • Helps with digestion
  • Releases oxytocin (the attachment hormone) which helps you to bond and get to know your baby


Did you know?

Oxytocin helps your baby to build their brain and develop emotionally.

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